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Entry Word: possession
Function: noun
Text: 1 the fact or state of having (something) at one's disposal <a student who was found to have several overdue library books in his possession>
Synonyms control, hands, keeping
Related Words ownership, proprietorship; authority, command, dominion, mastery, power; enjoyment, repossession, retention; claiming, collaring, commandeering, confiscation, procurement
Near Antonyms dispossession, relinquishment, surrendering, transferal
Antonyms nonpossession
2 possessions plural
transportable items that one owns <we packed up all of our possessions and moved to a new house>
Synonyms belongings, chattels, effects, holdings, movables (or moveables), paraphernalia, personalty, things
Related Words treasures, valuables; junk, stuff; appointments, fixtures, furnishings; property, tangibles; collateral
Near Antonyms real estate