Student Thesaurus

One entry found for recover.
Entry Word: recover
Function: verb
Text: 1 to get again in one's possession <after fishing around in the garbage for ten minutes, I was able to recover my lost keys>
Synonyms reacquire, recapture, reclaim, re-collect, recoup, regain, repossess, retake, retrieve
Related Words recruit, replenish; redeem, repurchase; rescue
Phrases get back
Near Antonyms lose, mislay, misplace
2 to regain a former or normal state <after a disastrous first half, the team was able to recover toward the end of the game and manage a win>
Synonyms rally, rebound, snap back
Related Words reanimate, revitalize, revive
Phrases make a comeback
Near Antonyms decline, fail, worsen
3 to become healthy and strong again after illness or weakness <I see you're recovering well from the accident> -- see CONVALESCE
4 to obtain (a raw material) by separating it from a by-product or waste product <can recover aluminum from old cans> -- see RECYCLE