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Entry Word: rough
Function: adjective
Text: 1 covered with or as if with hair <a face rough with a couple days' worth of beard> -- see HAIRY 1
2 marked by bursts of destructive force or intense activity <rough waters that made sailing risky> -- see VIOLENT 1
3 marked by wet and windy conditions <at least wear a raincoat if you're going out into that rough weather> -- see FOUL 1
4 not having a level or smooth surface <a rough board can give you splinters> -- see UNEVEN 1
5 requiring considerable physical or mental effort <a rough assignment> -- see HARD 2
6 difficult to endure <I've had a rough time of it since I lost my job> -- see HARSH 1
7 harsh and threatening in manner or appearance <the rough faces of hardened criminals who had spent most of their lives behind bars> -- see GRIM 1
8 hastily or roughly constructed <made a rough camp as darkness fell> -- see RUDE 1
9 lacking in refinement or good taste <learned polite words to replace the rough language he had known in the slums> -- see COARSE 2
10 made of or resembling hair <a rough-coated dog who was always shedding his fur> -- see HAIRY 2
11 marked by a series of sharp quick motions <a rough flight that made some people nauseated> -- see JERKY 1