Student Thesaurus

One entry found for same.
Entry Word: same
Function: adjective
Text: 1 resembling another in every respect <I bought the same shirt at the mall for five dollars less>
Synonyms coequal, duplicate, equal, even, identical, indistinguishable
Related Words akin, alike, analogous, comparable, correspondent, corresponding, equivalent, like, matching, parallel, similar, such, suchlike, tantamount
Near Antonyms disparate, diverse, varied, various; distinct, distinctive
Antonyms different, dissimilar, distinguishable, other, unalike, unlike
2 being one and not another <that's the same guy I saw down at the beach yesterday>
Synonyms identical, selfsame, very
Near Antonyms disparate, dissimilar, distinct, distinctive, distinguishable, diverse, unalike, unlike, varied, various
Antonyms another, different, other