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Entry Word: silence
Function: noun
Text: 1 incapacity for or restraint from speaking <the teacher expects complete silence from everyone during all tests>
Synonyms dumbness, muteness, speechlessness, stillness
Related Words inarticulateness, voicelessness; reserve, reticence, reticency, taciturnity
Near Antonyms communication, speaking, talking; eloquence, fluency, volubility; chattiness, garrulousness, loquaciousness, loquacity, talkativeness; verboseness, verbosity, windiness, wordiness
2 the near or complete absence of sound <the silence of the garden was refreshing after the din of the party inside>
Synonyms hush, quiet, quietness, quietude, still, stillness
Related Words calm, lull, peacefulness, tranquility
Near Antonyms din, clamor, hubbub, racket, tumult, uproar
Antonyms noise, sound