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Entry Word: support
Function: noun
Text: 1 something that holds up or serves as a foundation for something else <if you don't add a couple more supports to that tower of blocks, it's going to fall down>
Synonyms brace, bulwark, buttress, mount, mounting, shore, stay, underpinning
Related Words column, pedestal, pilaster, pillar; arch, bracket, cantilever; crutch, mainstay, peg, post, stake, stanchion, stand, stilt, truss; base, foundation, frame
2 an act or instance of helping <the team's victory owes a lot to Joe's strong support in left field> -- see HELP 1
3 something or someone to which one looks for support <Grandfather has long been the extended family's emotional and financial support in times of trouble> -- see DEPENDENCE 2