Student Thesaurus

One entry found for violence.
Entry Word: violence
Function: noun
Text: the use of brute strength to cause harm to a person or property <the police believe that the woman died of natural causes rather than as a result of violence>
Synonyms force, foul play
Related Words coercion, compulsion, constraint, duress, pressure; damage, detriment, harm, hurt, impairment, injury; crippling, maiming, mayhem, mutilation; assault, attack, bashing, battering, battery, batting, beating, belting, bludgeoning, buffeting, clubbing, drubbing, flogging, hammering, lacing, licking, mauling, pelting, pommeling, pounding, pummeling, thrashing, thumping, walloping, whaling, whipping; onslaught, outbreak, outrage, paroxysm, rampage, revolt, riot, shock, terror, threat, turbulence, upheaval, uproar; browbeating, bulldozing, bullying
Near Antonyms pacifism
Antonyms nonviolence