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Entry Word: well
Function: adverb
Text: 1 in a satisfactory way <our current system for dividing household chores works well, so let's keep it>
Synonyms acceptably, adequately, all right, fine, good, nicely, OK (or okay), passably, satisfactorily, so-so, tolerably
Related Words appropriately, congruously, correctly, decently, decorously, felicitously, fittingly, meetly, rightly, seemly, suitably
Near Antonyms unbearably; inappropriately, incorrectly, indecently, unsuitably
Antonyms bad, badly, inadequately, intolerably, poorly, unacceptably, unsatisfactorily
2 in a generous manner <the warm and gracious couple always treat overnight guests well>
Synonyms bountifully, generously, handsomely, liberally, munificently
Related Words considerately, courteously, hospitably, kindly, nicely, reasonably, thoughtfully; affably, amiably, cheerfully, cheerily, genially, good-naturedly, graciously
Near Antonyms contemptuously, disdainfully, rudely, scornfully; obnoxiously, provocatively; coldly, coolly, frigidly, hostilely; angrily, belligerently
Antonyms stingily
3 in a skillful or expert manner <she plays the piano very well>
Synonyms ably, adeptly, capably, competently, expertly, masterfully, proficiently, skillfully
Related Words aptly; adroitly, deftly, dexterously
Near Antonyms inaptly
Antonyms incapably, incompetently, inefficiently, ineptly, inexpertly, poorly, unskillfully
4 with good reason or courtesy <we cannot well get out of going to your cousin's wedding>
Synonyms considerately, courteously, kindly, nicely, reasonably, thoughtfully
Related Words pleasantly; excusably, justifiably
Near Antonyms contemptuously, disdainfully, rudely, scornfully
5 in a pleasing way <the day went well, despite the rough beginning>
Synonyms agreeably, delectably, deliciously, delightfully, dreamily, favorably, felicitously, gloriously, nicely, pleasantly, pleasingly, satisfyingly, splendidly, swimmingly
Related Words finely, grandly; advantageously, helpfully; fortunately, happily, luckily; prosperously, successfully
Antonyms badly
6 to a full extent or degree <we are well aware that this home renovation is going to be costly> -- see FULLY 1